The Lighthouse Story

In September 2000, the foundation company was established after an opportunity emerged to take over a small, but well managed business, within the network. The company has enjoyed considerable success over the years, seeing the integration of two other practices, to form the structure of what is known as Lighthouse Capital today.

Over the course of two decades, we have expanded to a team of 15 dedicated staff, including 5 specialised advisers. The practice continues to thrive on growth coming predominantly through referrals from existing clients and network of professionals.

Ongoing education for all Lighthouse Capital team members is strongly encouraged and supported. This element, combined with an environment that fosters teamwork, service excellence and a commitment to high quality advice solutions, has led to the ongoing success of the company.

The practice is highly regarded in the industry and regularly invited to participate in sharing it’s valuable knowledge through various mediums and high volume publications.

We are passionate about educating our clients through our personalised strategy development and guiding them to meet their future aspirations.



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